6 Organizing Steps To Take This Week for Spring!

It is indeed SPRING, despite the indecisive April weather here in Chicago!  Or so say the calendar and longer day light hours.  And we may be getting the itch to clean up and clear up for Spring!

Open the windows (or at least the blinds), let in some sunlight and fresh air, and energize you and your home this week with these 6 steps:


1.  Start with the EASY.  Look around your house for items you have already decided to purge or pass along, and send those items on their way.
  • drop off bags of charitable donations;
  • drop off your EWaste at your local drop-box;
  • take out all the trash and recycling;
  • do the laundry and put it all away;
  • drop off your dry cleaning (the heavy coats and bedding) to your favorite cleaners.

2.  Get a car wash, and splurge for the interior wash, too.  Nothing perks up our outlook for Spring like a clean car, inside and out.

3. Make and Prioritize Your Spring Project List:  Grab your clipboard, and walk around your home and yard.  Note all the projects or areas of concern, and also all the areas that you love just the way they are.

4.  Plan a Taking-Care-of-Business Saturday, even if its just the morning or afternoon, to tackle the big projects or the ones that require assistance (heavy lifting or group decision making).  Personally, Earth Day is a Saturday, and is looking promising…

5.  I always encourage de-cluttering, but this week, I Challenge you to de-furnish (which is de-cluttering on a big scale)!  Non-functional furniture?  Too many of any one type of items (usually small chairs and tables, I’ve noticed!)? Small kitschy items that block the flow of traffic and energy? Yup, all of these can / should go away.

6.  Create accountability around getting your projects moving. Make your appointments: Call and reserve the dumpster or the carpet cleaner, or plan a party!  Often, a deadline can motivate us!  One of my spring organizing projects is our furnace room, and we always have the HVAC fella out in April to check over the furnace and air conditioner.  If I book the appointment, I am sure to get the furnace room cleaned out before he gets here!

Try one (or all!) of these steps and lighten up, freshen up and re-energize this week to get organized for Spring!

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