What is Coaching?  How Can It Help Me?

Coaching is:
• A process
• A conversation
• An opportunity
• All about you, and all yours.

My role as a coach is to give you the space, opportunity and tools to help you find and answer the right questions.  You are awesome and capable, and you already have your answers inside.  It is up to us to find them together and then act on them.

We can work together on:
• Time Management Strategies
• Organizational Goals and Action Plans
• Looking for Motivation beyond Procrastination
• Strategic Planning
• Goal Setting and Accountability
• Asking specific questions to raise current job performance or reach even higher heights.

Coaching is not therapy.  Coaching asks many questions, but it doesn’t ask why.  As in, “Why am I the way that I am?”

Coaching asks ‘What?’
• Given who we are today, What are we going to do today?
• What are we doing to take action?
• What are my goals?  Are they reasonable?
• What do I need to DO to reach my goals?  How will I act, or act differently?

Coaching is finally a conversation all about you.

We discuss, challenge, motivate, educate, act and evaluate, though not always in that order!

I am receiving my instruction from the Coach Approach of Organizers.