Great Party Part 2: Food Planning and Prep

     I heard from many of you last week when I blogged last week about an upcoming event – thank you! One of you asked what I meant by Food Prep: “How can you possibly have a party without either cooking all day or catering the whole thing?”  Today I’ll shed some light on party planning […]

Two Weeks to a Great Party!

    The original title had “easy” and “stress-free” in it, but who am I kidding?  Yes, parties require some work and perhaps some stress, but let’s keep both to a minimum!      Also, there are a few things that have to happen prior to 2 weeks before a party, like guest lists  invitations (4 weeks) and space rental (as early […]

Favorite Party Organizing Ideas

     We had a birthday party (for me!) a few weeks ago, and I had some time while tidying up to think about my favorite party organizing tips.  So here they are, my gift to you: Pantry shop (def.: use up what you have on hand and try not to grocery shop) for a few […]

Favorite Party Planning Tips, 500 words or less

To work on my own perfectionist tendencies this week, I am writing  My Favorite 5 Party Planning Tips, in 500 words or less (and because I have another party to plan, so I’d better get to work):  1.  Don’t over plan. We went to a party last night that was so very enjoyable (J&J, thanks!).  The host mentioned the hostess was starting to worry […]

Sharing the Idea of “20 Minutes or 20 Dollars”

I had the privilege of speaking to a wonderful group in Merillville, IN last night about downsizing. We covered a lot in our 60 minutes together: clearing clutter, determining the value of our stuff, how long to keep certain types of papers.  One idea that I shared with the group was the idea of “20 […]

It’s May! Is Your Head Spinning, Too?

Hooooo boy, it’s May! May seems like the busiest month of the year for us. Until a few years ago, I thought this was only my opinion, until a wise mom whose children are a little older than mine made the same observation to me. May brings school picnics and field trips, weddings, graduations, concerts […]

“If You Call It a Junk Drawer, Guess What Ends Up Inside?”

Last week, a friend reached out to me, sharing pictures of her morning’s organizing projects. (I love that!) The conversation went like this: Friend:  (Below a picture of school papers) “Making Decisions.” Me:  “Ooh, those are tough, I know.” Friend: “Yes, well, once you explained clutter as unmade decisions [Barbara Hemphill], I have been able […]