Organizing the World one Client at a Time

November, 2015  Toy Room Clean-out

“Hi Colleen! As I start my workday right now, I am moved to tears thinking of what was accomplished this morning.  Thank you so very much!  You are wonderful, so grateful to have met you.   The boy’s faces [held expressions] of joy!”

Jenny C.-P.

I gladly handed over the bills/paperwork to my husband when he retired. His system, which worked for him and resided mostly in his head, consisted of plastic bins, ziploc bags and piles. I need to use our office and share in paperwork/bills, but found it impossible to adapt to his system.
After reading about Colleen’s services I realized help was out there.  I attended one of her library presentations and was able to incorporate some of her ideas but my husband was not on board overall.
Enlisting  Colleen’s help became a New Year’s resolutions.  To my dismay, my husband cooperated and I soon realized why,  Colleen listened to both of our wants and then cleverly showed us how we could keep parts of our individual systems while setting us up with a common system to work with.
We highly recommend Colleen’s expertise.  She is a delight.   – M.D., January 2018

Finding Harmony in a Shared Work Space