Conquer School Papers! (from finish to start?!)

Last week, my friend Julie mentioned “the back to school paperwork is out of control”.  Since she mentioned this on her birthday, this week I am offering tools for conquering school papers, for Julie, and Nancy who shared her paper management questions and Hershey Pumpkin Spice Kisses at the soccer game. School papers.  Ugh.  I […]

Life Management Strategy: Back To Ready!

This time of year brings change.  Seasons change, school years are end, schedules and priorities shift.  These are all great things, but sometime these changes and the summertime lack of structure can leave our homes and offices disorganized.  Here’s a simple idea to keep your home and offices in (relatively) good shape:  “Back To Ready”.  We […]

High-tech Your Papers

      Technology exists to make our lives simpler.  Review your current practices,  and ask yourself: Is there something you can do to simplify your paper management?  Use technology or tools to make things better!      What we are really talking about when we discuss Paper Management is Information Management.   It does not matter how the information came to you, via paper or […]